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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect After School Care in Canberra

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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect After School Care in Canberra

Choosing where your kid goes after school is a big deal. With loads of options around Canberra, it’s important to find the right fit.

Let’s chat about some simple tips to help you pick the best after school care program.

Location and Getting There

When you’re thinking about where to send your kid for after school care, convenience is a big deal. It’s great to find a place that’s close to your child’s school or where you work. That way, dropping off and picking up your kid is easy peasy, saving you time and stress.

It’s also good to check if there’s plenty of parking for parents who drive, or if it’s easy to get to by bus or train for those who use public transportation. Making sure the after school care place is easy to get to helps make things simpler for you and your child.

Safety is super important too. Take a look around the area where the facility is located. Is it well-lit and busy? Are there any safety issues or things that could be dangerous nearby?

Choosing an after school care program in a safe and secure area gives you peace of mind knowing your child is in a good spot. By thinking about these things, you can pick a location that’s convenient, easy to get to and safe for your child’s after school care needs.

What’s Happening After School

When you’re picking an after school care program, it’s important to check out what they’ve got going on. Take a peek at what happens after school at the place you’re considering. A good program will have lots of different activities to keep your child busy and having fun.

Look for stuff like gymnastics, games, sports, karate, art projects and chances to be creative. These activities aren’t just fun – they also help your child learn important skills like teamwork, problem-solving and being creative.

It’s also good to see if the program helps out with homework or school stuff. Many after school programs set aside time for kids to do their homework or get some extra help from the staff. This can be really helpful for families with busy schedules or kids who need a bit of support with their schoolwork.

The most important thing is to make sure the activities and programs match up with what your child likes and enjoys. Take some time to chat with the program coordinators or staff to find out more about what they do every day. Picking an after school care program with fun and age-appropriate activities will give your child a great after school experience they’ll enjoy.

Who’s Running the Show

The folks who watch over your child during after school care are super important for how they enjoy their time there. It’s good to find out about the staff who’ll be hanging out with your kid every day. Take a moment to ask about their experience, training and background to make sure they’re ready to create a safe and nurturing space. No worries at ASCCA, all our staff members are checked and verified.

Having friendly and approachable staff can really make your child’s after school care experience better. Look for caregivers who are warm, patient and really like being around kids. Also, check how many staff members there are compared to how many kids there are to make sure your child gets enough attention and supervision.

Ask about what kind of training and qualifications the staff have, like if they know CPR and first aid. It’s also important that they’ve had background checks to make sure they’re okay to work with children. Knowing the staff are well-trained and qualified will help you feel better about leaving your child in their care.

Think about the vibe and feeling created by the staff too. A positive and supportive atmosphere helps kids feel like they belong and helps them do well. Pay attention to how the staff talk to each other and to the kids. Picking an after school care program with staff who care and know what they’re doing means your child will get the attention and support they need to do their best.

Safety First

Making sure your child stays safe during after school care is super important. You want to feel confident that they’re in good hands and that the environment is secure. So, take some time to check out the safety measures the program has in place.

Start by asking about their emergency plans. Find out how they handle things like medical emergencies or unexpected situations. It’s crucial that the staff are trained to react quickly and handle any issues that come up.

Background checks are another thing to consider. You’ll want to make sure that all the staff members have had their backgrounds checked to make sure they’re suitable for working with kids. This includes looking into their past, checking references and making sure they have the right qualifications.

Look into the security measures they have in place at the facility too. Things like secure entry and exit procedures help keep unauthorized people out and create a safe space for your child.

It’s also important for everyone to know the safety rules. Make sure the staff and kids are all on the same page when it comes to things like behavior and how to handle emergencies. Consistently enforcing these rules helps create a culture of safety and responsibility.

Choosing an after school care program that puts safety first gives parents peace of mind knowing their child is well taken care of. By checking out the safety measures and protocols, you can feel good about your choice and know your child is in good hands.

Ultimately, choosing an after school care program that prioritizes safety and security provides peace of mind for parents and ensures that children are well-protected while in their care. By assessing the program’s safety measures and protocols, you can feel confident knowing that your child is in good hands.

Staying in the Loop

Let’s keep the lines of communication open between parents and the after school care team to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We want parents to feel involved and informed about their child’s after school experience.

First, let’s chat about how the after school care program keeps parents updated. Do they send out newsletters or updates with info on upcoming events or any changes to the program? Newsletters are a handy way to stay in the loop about what’s happening and any fun activities coming up.

Next, let’s talk about ways parents can get involved. Are there meetings or events where parents can meet the staff, ask questions and share feedback? These get-togethers are a great chance to build a sense of community among parents, staff and administrators.

Also, is there an online portal or app parents can use to stay connected? These tools can be super handy for checking on their child’s schedule, upcoming activities, or any updates from the program. Plus, they might have features for messaging staff or accessing resources.

By staying in the know about what’s happening in the after school care program, parents can feel confident that their child is well looked after. Good communication means parents are kept in the loop about any changes and can address any concerns they have right away. Let’s keep those lines of communication open for a positive and collaborative relationship between parents and the after school care team.